Outside General Counsel Services


If you or your company need legal services Renne Law can provide a solution to a full-time executive or the costly hourly rates of a law firm by providing general counsel services that meet the size, scope, budget and goals of your company.  Renne Law will work with you to tailor a legal program that fits your business or individual legal needs.

General Counsel on Demand when a full time Executive is not warranted

  • Allows the Company to control costs and budget for legal services 
  • Gives the Company the ability to handle matters in-house with the same quality of legal service or better.  
  • Services include, but are not limited to, general corporate documentation,  corporate manuals, employment contracts, vendor/supplier contract negotiation, formation and review, risk assessment in contracts and alternative provisions, analysis of ways to minimize the risks associated with the particular business, and identifying and addressing the corporate issues that can lead to business disruption.

General Counsel For Overflow work on an as-needed basis

Provides overflow general counsel services when the current in house legal department has demand that exceeds capacity. 

  • Ability to come in and take initiative or instruction to work solo or as part of a team. 
  • Allows the Company to develop an on-going relationship with Renne Law that they can call on an as-needed basis to avoid hiring an additional employee or using unknown contract labor.
  • Extensive litigation experience. Contract negotiation and review.  Ability to explain contractual provisions and ramifications to management teams so they can make informed business decisions, development and implement corporate policies, provide in house review of administrative procedures, and resolve internal personnel conflicts.